What’s Behind the Name? TheLiberman.com

Introducing The Liberman (pronounced “lee-burr-men”), a new news aggregate, commentary and opinion website dedicated to restoring sanity to the American media scene. In the era of fake news, lying politicians, and a distrusting public, voices of ignorance are reigning supreme. Because the press represents a cornerstone of our open society, all Americans should be worried about the amount of truth that is altered to fit a specific narrative, or simply suppressed. The American people, and the free world as a whole, rely on major news organizations to report the facts, and only the facts.

Is this another right-wing outlet for Trump fans then?

No. We don’t identify we either political party, and define ourselves as moderate on the political spectrum.

So this is a left-wing liberal outlet that bashes Trump?

No. We’re committed to delivering sane content that takes an unbiased view on a range of issues. Like every American, there are things we like and dislike about Trump.

Then this isn’t like HuffPost or Breitbart?

NO! We founded The Liberman to counter the extreme bias that organizations like the Huffington Post and Breitbart have.

So The Liberman has no bias?

All media outlets have some sort of bias, that’s just the reality.